Get inspired

“You can’t wait for inspiration.  You have to go after it with a club.”  –Jack London

I came across this quote this morning while looking for something in my phone.  In the midst of writing my thesis last spring, I searched for quotes to put around my library cubicle so every time I looked up from my computer, I was bombarded with neon-colored sticky notes with inspirational quotes reassuring me that yes, I can, and yes, I will, do this.

This quote by Jack London resonates with me a whole lot right now because although I am working on a 50-page culmination of my English career, I am looking to get inspired in my new lifestyle out here in California.  It has been a weird transition, and still doesn’t really seem permanent.  Maybe I am moving past the honeymoon phase of culture shock and into the negotiation phase.  Whatever it is, I have been completely uninspired lately.

Especially by food.


That is a sacrilegious thing for a foodie to say.  Me!  Uninspired by food!  What the hell is wrong with me?

Food is a passion of mine:  from celebrating to socializing to snacking, food has been the central focus in my family’s life.  I blog about food.  I eat food.  I dream about food.  I spend a whole lot of time stalking other food bloggers.  What gives?

Well, the truth is, I do not have an answer to that largely because I do not have an excuse to be uninspired, and this is why…

1)  I have the time, resources, and kitchen utensils to experiment with all kinds of new recipes.

2)  I am in an entirely new city with all kinds of culinary opportunities.

3)  Most of my day on the computer is spent on,, or other food websites of the sort.

4)  I have taken countless pictures of food that I could recreate or explain here (like the banner picture on the top of this page)

5)  November is National Novel Writing Month, and I should therefore be cooking and baking AND writing.

So I am going to try to do any and all of the above and attempt to become moved again by food.  Godspeed.


2 thoughts on “Get inspired

  1. Kathryn Taylor says:

    Giada’s favorite Italian market is in Santa Monica. She mentioned it on her Family Christmas show…..maybe you can suss it out. Good luck.

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