Wakey wakey eggs and bakey

Yes, I have actually used the title phrase to wake kids up.  It does not matter that I used it both on my college roommate last year or seven years ago for my campers at Tockwogh.  It got people up and made them laugh.

Here’s the deal.

In my last post, I said I could eat a sandwich any time of day or night with a multitude of condiments, veggies, cheeses, etc.  Yes, I love sandwiches.  A lot.  For lunch or dinner or a late night snack.  But breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Many people I know do not get all worked up about breakfast like I do.  I really cannot define what it is about breakfast that makes me all excited.  Maybe it is because I’m a morning person.  Perhaps it is because you can do a zillion different things with eggs.  Perchance it is because I have seen McSteamy out to breakfast TWICE in the last three months in Los Angeles.

Whatever the reason, here are some of my thoughts on breakfast:

1)  The only pancakes I will eat are my dad’s.  He makes the batter from scratch.  None of this Bisquick crap.

2)  My favorite way to eat eggs is sunny side up with a really runny yolk.

3)  McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning, despite the fact that it has the word “steak” in it, is a great seasoning for eggs.

4)  The french toast concoctions at 26 Beach in Venice Beach, California are to die for.  My goal is to try every one of them.

5)  I do not care what Anthony Bourdain says about brunch.  Or vegetarians.

6)  Berries are a necessary component for cereal.

7)  Potatoes in any form are a great accompaniment to breakfast.  Or as the main meal.  That’s ok, too.

8)  You can eat breakfast at any time of the day.  How awesome is that?!



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