The Sweet Tooth

I love dessert more than I love breakfast.

There’s no doubt about that.

I have a huge sweet tooth and wouldn’t ever pass up dessert if I had a choice. I guess I do have a choice, but I try to limit myself to only ice cream on the weekends. Operative word being TRY.

During the month of February, I could not get enough sweets.

I don’t know what it was: the month, the birthday, the fact that is was the middle of winter and despite the nice weather, I was in a funk. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t control my sugar intake.

I made two types of scones, a batch of blueberry muffins, burnt butter toffee bars, chocolate chip/oatmeal/almond/coconut cookies, and snacked on chocolate chips and M&Ms quite a bit. Every baked good was delicious and devoured by friends, family, co-workers, and myself. By the end of the month, the kitchen was covered in a thick layer of flour my arteries were definitely worse for wear.

So, for the third time in my life and second year in a row, I gave up desserts for Lent.

This is sacrilegious for someone who considers dessert incredibly sacred in its own right, but the Lent season could not have come at a better time. My body, mind, and spirit were in need of a cleanse, and this was the perfect excuse to do it.

“But what exactly constitutes ‘sweets’?” one might ask.  “Because technically, fruit is a sweet.”

Seriously?  Seriously??  Come on people, use your brains.  I do NOT consider fruit a sweet.  Yes, ok, it fruit is sweet in flavor and can be used as a dessert substitute when you’re a dessert fiend and decide to be crazy and eliminate sweets from your everyday life.  But as much as I love berries and oranges and the like, they will never take the replace real dessert.

This list is subject to change based on each individual, but this is a rough outline of things I consider sweet and have deprived myself of since Ash Wednesday:

-chocolate, chocolate chips, sweetened coconut, fudge, hot fudge, ice cream, fro-yo, caramel, candy corn, candy (everything from chocolate bars to Jolly Ranchers), cake, brownies, french toast, pancakes, cookies, jell-o…

…you get the picture.

I’ve run into a little problem this year, though.  In the past 37 days, my sweet cravings have not subsided.  In fact, they’ve completely blown up in my face.  Unlike previous years, when I’ve been completely unfazed by any kind of sweets during Lent, my heart breaks every single time I see something that remotely reminds me of dessert.  Like a flake of coconut.  Or the M&M logo.

But luckily, Lent ends on Sunday and I will be making these gems from my favorite food blogger, Joy the Baker.  Also, the brilliant editors at Bon Appétit have combined two of my favorite things in the world:  chocolate and tiramisu.  That’s right.  CHOCOLATE.  Tira.  Mi.  Su– which literally  means “pull me up.”  Zing.  Guess what I’m doing on Saturday.

With all of these sweets plus the copious amount of Reece’s easter eggs I will consume on Sunday, there’s a possibility I’ll go into sugar overload.


strawberries & cream cheese stuffed french toast from 26 Beach in Marina del Rey

tiramisu from 4 Leoni in Florence, Italy


2 thoughts on “The Sweet Tooth

  1. Kathryn Taylor says:

    I guess you don’t want to hear the “Reds” made homemade hot fudge tonight……. & had exclusively, yes, hot fudge sundaes for dinner tonight…… I’m proud to know you Baba.. xo

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