Weird Food Quirks

I’ve never been a picky eater.  I’ll try anything once.  Even with my vegetarianism, I don’t shy away from odd-looking food.  Like kale.

Recently, I’ve noticed that while I’m not picky, I am quite particular about things I like and don’t like.  While I agree with her statement “I just want it the way I want it,” I definitely don’t micro-manage my orders like Sally.

A few of my quirky food things–

1.  Thoughts on ice cream:

  • I don’t think Pinkberry’s fro yo tastes like anything
  • To me, Ben & Jerry’s is nauseatingly sweet.  Which is weird considering my obsession with dessert.
  • Coldstone grosses me out.
  • Breyer’s is the best store-bought ice cream.  Hands down.
  • Strollo’s Lighthouse is hands down the best Italian ice I’ve ever had.  Don’t challenge me on that.
  • The best gelato on the entire face of the planet is from Gelateria dei Neri in Florence.

3.  I prefer white-based pizzas (sans red sauce).

4.  If I get pasta at a restaurant, I’ll almost always go with short pastas like penne or farfalle instead of spaghetti or linguini.  The exception to that is tagliatelle.  I have no idea why.

5.  Dark chocolate is the best chocolate.

6.  I’m constantly on a mission to discover the perfect french fry; a quest I’ve inherited from my dad.

7.  I LOVE cooked mushrooms but I can’t stand raw ones.

8.  I despise bananas mainly because I don’t like the squishing sound they make when you chew them (but I also don’t like the taste).

9.  One horrendous experience with goat cheese has turned me off from it forever (and yes, I have tried it since).

10.  Salt-and-vinegar chips are the only flavored potato chips I’ll eat in copious amounts.

11.  FACT:  My family’s top secret pie crust recipe will undoubtedly beat yours.

cookies & cream and frutti di bosco (forest berry) gelato from Gelateria dei Neri in Florence

Aformentioned pie crust


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