Tom Haverfoods

My sister Caroline loves Aziz Ansari.  I, too, think he’s bloody hilarious but I don’t watch Parks & Recreation on a regular basis.

Anyway,  Ansari is a total foodie and Bon Appétit interviewed him recently for their first “Back of the Napkin Q&A.”  You can read about his thoughts on the L.A. food truck scene and his idea for a food train trend here.

Ansari plays a character called Tom Haverford on Parks & Rec, and someone created this website called  It’s all of his quirky nicknames for foods– for example, honey is also known as “bear drool” and sprinkles are “rainbow rice for milky ice.”  All scarily true, right?  So, go to the site, keep clicking on the picture,  and allow hilarity to ensue– it’s endlessly entertaining and incredibly ingenious.


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