food + iPhone = eternal love

I love food.

I love to take pictures.

I love my iPhone.

I love to take pictures of my food with my iPhone.

I also recently discovered the software Picasa (thanks, Molly!), with which I made this little collage.

Every one of these pictures was taken with my phone, sometimes altered with apps like Instagram and Diptic.  They were taken all over the place:  my kitchen, Los Angeles, the office, the deck at our house, Nantucket, out at restaurants, San Diego.  I love my nifty DSLR camera, but I also love how creative I can get with my little iPhone.

1.  Veggie burrito from Chipotle.

2.  Salted caramel frozen yogurt with strawberries and chocolate chips.  This is the only Pinkberry product I truly enjoyed.  (I have a difficult time passing up anything salted caramel-flavored).

3.  Chocolate tiramisu from Bon Appetit’s Italy issue.  It was divine.  Fun fact:  In Italian, “tiramisu” literally means “pull me up.”

4.  Espresso beer from Karl Strauss Brewing Company in San Diego.

5.  Strawberry roll from Hama Sushi in Venice Beach.  The strangest sushi combination I’ve ever had, but it was strangely enticing.

6.  Homemade lentil salad with old bay shrimp, avocado, mushrooms, spinach, onions, and lemon vinaigrette.

7.  Crab salad with avocado, grapefruit, and lemon vinaigrette from Froma in Los Angeles.

8.  Birthday cake I made for Chris and Richard:  vanilla cake with chocolate icing, vanilla custard in the middle.  I put too much custard in between the layers and that, combined with my shoddy decorating skills, yielded something that would fit in well at a Christmas dinner in Whoville.

9.  Office lunch:  spinach salad with quinoa, smoked salmon, chopped tomatoes, avocado, and lemon & olive oil.

10.  Hibiscus margarita with chili-lime salt from Corazon del Mar in Nantucket.

11.  Cinnamon pound cake churros with malted chocolate milk ice cream from A-Frame in Culver City (one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles).  Incredibly decadent.

12.  Browned butter chocolate chip coconut cookies.  I brought these to work one day.  They were gone before 11am.

13.  Cinnamon coconut breakfast bread.  I brought this to work, too.  Devoured in mere minutes.

14.  Massive garlic-chopping session.

15.  A batch of your standard chocolate chip cookies.

16.  Compilation from Nantucket:  gigantic sea scallops with some kind of awesome puree from Queequeg’s; the signature Something Natural logo; coffee from The Bean on Center Street.

17.  Chocolate french toast with whipped cream and strawberries from 26 Beach in Marina del Rey.  It’s as sinful as it sounds.

18.  Protein breakfast:  scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with smoked salmon and scallions.  I sometimes add a bit of grated pecorino on the top.

19.  Mediterranean salad from Cafe Latte:  mixed greens, tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta, roasted peppers, and a heaping scoop of delicious hummus.  This little cafe is next door to work– I get this salad every time I don’t bring my lunch to work.

20.  The tequila selection at Casablanca in Venice Beach.  Unreal.

21.  One night, I came home from work in a tizzy and unleashed my aggression in the kitchen.  I started throwing ingredients into the mixer based loosely on a cookie recipe I know by heart.  I ended up with these cinnamon/toasted coconut/chocolate chip blondies.  (See a theme in my ingredients?)

22.  Sunday morning chocolate covered strawberries.

23.  Camarones burrachos from a little mariscos place in Culver City.  They serve shrimp and ceviche and that’s about it.

24.  Joy the Baker’s raspberry peach crumble.  Gigantic sweet peaches and bright red raspberries made this dessert a zillion times better.

25.  Peanut butter & jelly cupcake.  Lizzy made these one night.  I’m not a huge PB&J fan, but these were awesome– really subtle flavors.

26.  The same night I made the blondies in #21, I also made scallops with sweet corn/spinach/potato hash.  The hash recipe comes from– you guessed it– Joy the Baker.  She’s my favorite.

27.  Breakfast of champions:  steel cut oatmeal with almonds and cranberries.

28.  I unintentionally burned this couscous to a crisp.  From what I could salvage of it, though,  turned out with a nice sort of smoky flavor.  I put it over a salad and called it a day.

29.  Since my first favorite sandwich is on the east coast, I’ll settle with this Veggie BLT melt from Mendocino Farms:  vegetarian bacon, pepper jack cheese, mixed greens, tomato, red onion, and herb aioli on panini-grilled buckwheat bread.

30.  Whenever we have extra pie dough in the house, we make pinwheels.  Just roll out the dough,  cut a few pads of butter onto the dough, and sprinkle brown sugar around the dough.  Roll it up, slice, and bake.  Easiest dessert in the world.


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