HomefriesU: a love-infused creative learning retreat

About a month ago, Molly and I had the distinct pleasure of traveling to Palm Springs, California to attend Homefries U:  a “bourbon-infused creative learning retreat” (as Joy called it) hosted by our two favorite food bloggers – Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker, and Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.

And what a bourbon-infused creative learning retreat it was.

Actually, there wasn’t that much bourbon.  Just in some baller Bourbon-Spiked Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread of which I may or may not have eaten four pieces.  No big deal.

The weekend was more like a silly, giddy, flour-dusted, chocolate covered sunflower seed-peppered, sparkling wine-induced, love-infused retreat.

We road-tripped from LA.  We cooked.  We ate.  We made friendship bracelets.  We learned.  We ate.  We drank copious amounts of sparkling wine with Whitney.  We drank lots of gin with Nathan.  We made new friends.  We ate.  We learned secrets of the Homefries podcasts from Michael.  We lounged in and around the pool in 109 degree heat.  We made flavored sugars.  We added new recipes to our repertoire.  We ate those new recipes.  We played fun games.  We bonded with Joy & Tracy.

Oh, and by the way — we ate.

I met lots of amazingly dynamic women (and a few men) from all over the country with an array of different interests, backgrounds, and passions.  All in all, it was an amazingly beautiful weekend and I returned to LA with a satiated stomach and happy soul.

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