Are you ready to salivate?

Eating Grass is taking over the web — one social media platform at a time.

This blog is here.

Now, there is a Facebook page.

And I’m going to Tweet up a storm.

Fact:  I spend an obscene amount of time social media-ing.  I know this.  If you follow my personal Twitter feed, you are aware of this.  The fact that I work for WIRED only fuels my obsession with Twitter, especially since there are at least 50 Twitter handles associated with the magazine.  It is a techie magazine, after all.

Like the page on Facebook.  Follow this blog on Twitter.  Subscribe to updates.  Share with your friends, family, loved ones, or your dogs if you talk to them about this kind of stuff.  Whatever.  Stranger things have happened.

A word of caution if you so choose to keep up with this little virtual world:  blog posts, tweets, and photographs may induce spontaneous and/or excessive drooling

Get ready to salivate.

P.S.  — A big thank you to the following:  Molly- for her unending enthusiasm regarding everything I do with this blog; James- for coining the theme of this community “ready to salivate”; and Christy- for being the first to (brilliantly) suggest I create a Facebook page to publicize my posts.


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