Holiday Season 2011, Taylor Style

A little snippet of our holidays:

-Day before Thanksgiving:  “pie day.”  An epic baking extravaganza concocting beautiful desserts for Thanksgiving day.

-Thanksgiving:  held at our maternal grandmother’s house, no less than 20 people attend every year (most of which is family).  We started a new tradition where we go around the table and each person says what they are thankful for.  Waterworks ensue.

-My mom cooks an entire Thanksgiving dinner (whole turkey, stuffing, potatoes, desserts– the works) for us to snack on during the remainder of the weekend.*  And to make late-night dagwoods just in case we weren’t full enough from the first epic meal of the day.

-We consumed massive amounts of champagne.

-Our kitchen turned into a cookie factory (kudos to Katelyn & Kristina who baked all of the cookies this year in my Cookie Week absence).

-We dressed up in dresses and heels for Christmas Eve lunch, trekked it to North Jersey, then decided to have a little impromptu game of pigskin and therefore raided our aunt’s closet and fashioned play-clothes out of riding pants and rainboots.

-We were all awake before 8am on Christmas Day, and promptly proceeded to feast on cinnamon buns from William Sonoma…and a few short hours later ate a combination of salads, twice baked potatoes, filet minion, lobster claws and tails, and Christmas cookies.  And champagne.

-We kept our champagne flutes full while playing a gut-busting round of Charades (boys vs. girls style)

-We burned off our Christmas dinner by reliving our childhood and playing Jail in the backyard (a Taylor/Gehret spin off of your standard hide-and-seek), and woke up the next morning with bruises in strange places (ok, maybe I was the only one who had a crazy purple bruise on my shoulder.  I slipped trying to tag Sam and fell flat on my face.  What can I say, it’s my signature move).

-We had a sassy dinner in New York City at Buddakan for Katelyn’s birthday — I ate shrimp & lobster chow fun with gigantic scallions and heirloom tomatoes…om nom nom.

-Katelyn and I made the Dobos Torte, and it wasn’t as painful this year as it usually is…probably due to the fact that Sarah and Emily were sitting in the kitchen with me and we were sipping champagne — a perfect recipe to keep me from yelling obscenities and throwing appliances.

-We took the aforementioned torte down to Silver Spring and gave our cousins the surprise of a lifetime for our Big Fat Black Tie Hungarian New Year’s Eve Party that has happened every year for the last 40 or so.  (We told them we weren’t coming.  And then we showed up, clad in tuxes and Betsey Johnson, carting a huge chocolate cake and a case of champagne.  We know how to throw a party).

-We celebrated the end of the year and start of 2012 with lots of tears, lots of love, and LOTS of champagne.

Happy 2012.  Let’s see what this year has in store for us.

cinnamon pinwheels, Thanksgiving table, carrot cake, rules of the house

pumpkin pie tartlettes, family photo, champagne, coconut custard pie

cannoli, Christmas table, tree, cinnamon buns

dobos torte, we know how to party, champagne glasses for midnight, New Year's Eve table

*This tradition started way back when we were babies (or something).  My parents returned home after Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house but had no food in the house to cure their late-night munchies.  My dad decided to take a quick drive over the bridge to 7-11 to get sandwich fixings — a trip that should have taken no more than 15 minutes door-to-door.  Well, there was a hold up at the 7-11 in Sea Bright, and the grocery trip took longer than expected (and since this was before cell phones, my mom was worried sick).  So, my mom vowed then and there to never come home to an empty fridge on Thanksgiving.


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