{2012} Summer Bucket List

{Synonyms for summer:  love, sunsets, Nantucket, home, The Grey Lady, sisters, Nerf, surfing, ACK, ice cream, kickball, the Box, skeek skeek, Something Natural, lighthouses, Cisco Brewers, frat, playing, graduation, loving, family, Brant Point, Blues Beach, pacts, love.} 

Spot any themes in the synonyms for summer above?  For me, summertime is all about my family, the beach, vacationing in Nantucket, and loving on my friends as much as I possibly can when we’re together for a super concentrated amount of time (which, in the normal 72 hours we get to spend together, is a monstrous amount of loving).  While I would love to spend every waking hour with every single person I love in my favorite place in the universe, summer is actually made sweeter by the mere fact that we only experience these things — a Memorial Day weekend bender, Juice Bar waffle cones, Crantucket mojitos, family vacation — once a year.

This year, after some encouraging and inspiration from our favorite bloggers (Joy, Tracy, and Kelle), Molly and I decided to make our own bucket lists for the summer.  I’m moving from Los Angeles back to New Jersey/New York one month from today (eeeek!) and, in addition to the standard activities of playing running bases with my sisters, swooning over bow tie-and-pastel-clad men, and throwing a Labor Day rager,  I have things to accomplish on both coasts!

{2012} Summer Bucket List

-Watch the sunrise.  I lived on the east coast for the first 22 years of my life and I never actually sat and watched the sun rise.  How ridiculous is that!  If I end up seeing the sun come up because I’ve been out all night in New York City, awesome.  If I wake up insanely early to navigate my way through the Nantucket morning fog, that will be equally amazing.

-Go skinny dipping.  It’s a summer rite of passage.  Get on board.

-Unplug for a week.  The week of August 3rd-August 10th, I’m going to vow to abstain from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, text messaging, calling, and television.  The one exception to this is for the Olympics — I’ll be damned if I miss one second of Ryan Lochte in a speedo.  I know I spend far too much time with my phone glued to my hand and in front of my face, and am a social media junkie (both personally and at work) and there’s no better time to completely disconnect than while on vacation with my family.

-Be 100% vegan for a week.  I’ve been experimenting with vegan cooking techniques for a few months now, and I think I’m well-informed and prepared enough to be completely vegan for seven whole days!

-Attend a Dodgers game.

-Cook a meal entirely from farmers market purchases.  I have this great cookbook and I want to capitalize on the incredible seasonal California produce and the abundant number of Los Angeles farmers markets before I move back to a teeny tiny town.

-Write more notes, letters, journal entries.  One of my best friends, Sarah, is joining the Peace Corps this summer and will be spending 27 months in Togo, Africa largely without a connection to the virtual world.  She gave me some stationary for my birthday way back in February, so posted mail to Africa and I will be come well-aquainted come July.

-Make my own vanilla extract!  It’s so easy!

-Create my own signature summer cocktail.  When it comes to choosing what to drink, I select from the same pool of three things — a bold cabernet, tequila and something (no shots…I’m classy like that), or champagne.  Vodka and I don’t get along, I’m not a fan of gin, and white wine is too sweet for me.  But I’m willing to experiment!  If this cocktail concocting goes well, I’m going to make this a seasonal thing — a Kelsey Cocktail for fall, winter, and spring!

What do you hope to accomplish this summer?  Need some more inspiration?  See what Molly would like to do over the summer!


2 thoughts on “{2012} Summer Bucket List

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