About me

Welcome to Ready to Salivate. I’m Kelsey and I fully intend to make you drool in this space.

Me, in a magic chocolate shell:

I do not know how to cook for fewer than seven people. Sometimes, I dream in Italian. I believe that both life’s minuscule and monumental moments deserve to be celebrated with sweets and champagne. Give me gelato or give me death. Bananas and raw mushrooms are gross.  More than anything, making food — and sharing that food — breaks boundaries, soothes souls, and creates love.

Ready to salivate? Bon appétit, cin cin, egészégedre, buen provecho, cheers. Enjoy your time here.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Sofia Gutierrez says:

    Kelsey, you rock and everyone knows it. Conde Nast LA wouldn’t be the same without you…SO GLAD we have you here. BLOG AWAY! XOXO

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